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Injectable PCD Company in India – The use of injectable medicine has proliferated drastically during recent decades in India. It offers briskier recovery and convenience to patients. Accordingly, the market demand for injectables also has grown magnificently.If you wish to venture into this corridor, here’s the perfect place for you. Lucky Pharma is the leading injectable PCD company in India to help you setup your own business in the pharma industry.

Injectables are Overtaking the Trend of Tablet Consumption

Injections are high-in-demand in the field of medicine.These medical equipment reduce the lengthy procedure of medication and provides quick relief. That’s why injectables have overtaken the trend of tablet/capsule medication. People also now give more preference to injections than consuming drugs. The whole scenario has led to a tremendous demand for injectable in the pharmaceutical market.

Consequently, we have come across a robust business opportunity in this circuit. You can establish your own startup in this medical wing to snatch whopping profits and perks. You may be worried about not having your own manufacturing plant to commence in. here’s the solution for you.

What is the Indian Injectables Market?

As we have described above, the injectables market size is on the rise in India. Since injectable offers quick medicine response, they cometo heal multiple chronic ailments efficiently. Some lifestyle-related health concerns like cancer are also managed with injectable medicine.

The injectables market in India is growing at a rate of 13.7%.As per estimations, the Indian injectable market calculates US$147 billion, whereas the generic medicine is around 40 per cent of it.

Further, the Indian Sterile Injectable Market is supposed to account for 8 per cent of Asia Pacific share in 2018. The industry is valued by the presence of several small- and large-scale units.

Lucky Pharma: Reputed PCD Franchise Company for Injections in India

Lucky Pharma is the certified pharmaceutical company in India. It offers clients a diverse range of medical products for specific diseases. It manages operations to bestow comprehensive business opportunities in the pharma business.

We offer PCD franchise services to new ventures with a unique product range such as Rotacap Device, Inhalers, Nasal Spray, Injectable Range, Respules, Syrups, Tablets, Capsules, Antidepressants, Derma Range and others.

Furthermore, Lucky Pharma is an ISO-recognized firm to ensure associates will get top-notch quality products. We strive by posing the quality aspect on the top. Therefore, we have accumulated the trust of thousands of people since our commencement in the industry.

Currently, Lucky Pharma is serving over 500 business associates under different product categories. It delivers convenient, safer, and profitable PCD franchise services to businesses from across the country.

When it comes to the injectable collection,we have the following brands for injectables as mentioned in the chart.

Brand Name Composition
CEFZIN- Injection Ceftriaxone 1000 mg + Sulbactam 500 mg
CILAST 1gm Injection Imipenem 500mg + Cilastatin 500mg
PIOUS 1.125 Injection Piperacillin 1gm+ Tazobactam 125gm
PIOUS 4.5 Injection Piperacillin 4 gm+ Tazobactam 0.5 gm
RAZIN-20 Injection Rabeprazole 20 mg.
SAFER-SB 1.5gm Injection Cefoperazone 1000 mg + Sulbactam 500 mg
SAFTAZ 1.125gm Injection Cefoperazone 1000 mg. + Tazobactam 125 mg.
SOMEWAY 40 Injection Esomeprazole 40 mg

Hence, you can see that Lucky Pharma is a great place for those who look for a wide range of injectables under the same roof. You don’t need to roam from company-to-company to find a specific brand for injectables.

Why Should You Choose Lucky Pharma?

As we have learned above, injections are required sharply in the medical business sector. It is assumed that patients don’t consider their treatment process without involving the injection range.

They prefer to have injections instead of consuming medicines. It is also believed that treatment via injections carries a long-time time effect as compared to tablets or capsules.

Lucky Pharma understands the whole scenario and provides relevant solutions accordingly. We have occupied the top spot for years when it comes to listing the best injectable PCD companies in India.

Let’s have a quick note of some of the significant qualities that make us the top priority for business owners:

  • One of the best characteristics of us is that we execute the quality-rich raw material and molecules for medical formulations. We process pure chemical extract to produce the most effective medicine range for patients and businesses.
  • Further, Lucky Pharma is among the experienced players in the industry.
  • It also follows the WHO and GMP guidelines to maintain high standards and trust.
  • Prices are always under budget for associates.
  • We have a separate quality and R&D department to match the international quality standards.
  • You will receive the injections in bulk to reduce the price further.
  • The packaging is defect-free and well-consolidated.
  • Excellent product guidance and updates

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