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Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) Franchise Company – A dry powder inhaler or DPI, in short, is plastic equipment to deliver medications into the lungs. Nowadays, this medication technique is widely popular because of its most impactful results than traditional formulas. If you look for a reliable dry powder inhaler franchise company for business purposes, here’s the piece for you.

The Indian medical circuit is driving rapidly. In fact, it is amongst the drastically-growing industries worldwide that have registered a whopping space for the last few decades. As this blog is to stress dry powder inhalers, we tend to describe every individual component for patients as well as business-oriented people.

What is a Dry Powder Inhaler Device?

As its name implies, a dry powder inhaler is a device used to consume the medicine in powder form. These devices are compact in size and portable enough that you can carry them away conveniently.

Further, DPI devices are precisely designed for patients who suffer from chronic asthma conditions. You can use the machine to govern dry powder-based medicine. In the market, DPIs are also known as rotacaps. These are a unique kind of capsules that contain medicine in the fine powder shape. It is easy to take these capsules via inhalation.

Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease find the DPI device quite beneficial. The dry powder medication is highly enriched with effective powdery material that helps lowering inflammation. Therefore, it also eases airway muscles to further bring improvements to the patient’s breathing functions. On a prime note, dry powder inhalers are particularly designed for children and adults who aren’t well-familiar with Metered Dose Inhaler.

Lucky Pharma: The Best Dry Powder Inhaler Franchise Company in India

Discovering a reliable and trusted dry powder inhaler franchise company? Lucky Pharma is, no doubt, one of the best brands in this concern. It was established in 2011 with a noble ambition to help the medical corridor with quality-specific formulations at affordable prices.

Further, Lucky Pharma has been in the industry to cater to every tiny requirement of the healthcare sector.Since its inception, the brand has built itself as a prominent partner of several doctors and other pharmaceutical entities.

When it comes to the dry powder inhaler zone, Lucky Pharma keeps no alternative at all. It publishes a wide range of quality DPI devices to help patients treat their asthma issues efficiently.Under the DPI portfolio, Lucky Pharma incorporates primarily two devices with the following brand names:


Both these machines are portable and well-recommended for dry powder medications. It helps improve breathing disorders and offer you solace from critical experiences.

Dry Powder Inhaler Market in India

It is significantly a thoughtful decision to embark on the dry powder inhaler sector. However, you can add this to the existing portfolio to make it more attractive and productive.

If we talk about the market scenario for dry powder inhalers in India, it is exceptionally profiting. Since pollution has evolved abundantly, especially during the recent decade, respiratory diseases have erupted drastically. The number of asthma patients is growing each day to consolidate the market sphere for DPI devices.

As of the current updates, there is an immense demand for dry powder inhalers in the Indian medical market.People look to trust these portable and easy-to-use solutions to asthma disorders according to experts’ views, the future is said to involve more demand for these devices amongst influenced patients.

Ultimately, it is quite an advantageous movement to venture into this segment. New business startups will have a great time to establish themselves in the market for a profitable tomorrow.

Why Choose Lucky Pharma?

How is Lucky Pharma the smart choice for new ventures? Well, tons of reasons advocate the statement. It is better to consider various prospects Lucky Pharma holds for new business associations as below:

  • Lucky Pharma is one of the most experienced authorities in the Indian medical systems.It has been existing in the industry since 2001 and working remarkably for the wellbeing of humans.
  • Furthermore, the company deals with top-quality medicines and medical equipment. it is the well-trusted brand for business relations for dry powder inhalers.
  • Not only DPI devices,but Lucky Pharma also covers a range of medical devices such as rotacaps, injections, nasal spray, injectable range, syrups, tablets, derma range and many others.
  • Quality is always something of extreme status for the manufacturing unit. It complies with the WHO guidelines strictly to ensure high-rank quality standards.
  • Moreover, Lucky Pharma houses a team of industry experts, laboratory technicians and other qualified individuals. All they come to constitute a specialized brand to help communities across diverse platforms.
  • Despite being the top-notch dry powder inhaler franchise company, Lucky Pharma follows a reasonable pricing system for new joiners.
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