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Dry Powder Inhaler Device – Dry powder inhaler devices offer ways to treat asthma conditions. It is widely popular amongst kids, teens and older; ensuring effective medication through patients’ airways. Lucky Pharma is one of the prominent manufacturers of dry powder inhalers, keyhalers and nasal sprays. You can seek professional PCD franchise services for this equipment by dialing 08889909733, 08889909734.

What is a Dry Powder Inhaler Device?

As its name signifies, the dry powder inhaler device is plastic-made equipment that is specifically designed for asthma patients. This device uses medication in the powder form that is breathed in fast by the patient to get it into the lungs.

Unlike other types of inhaling devices that use a puff of medicine, the dry powder inhaler uses the drug in powder form. The powdered particles are so small that can pass through the tiniest airways of patients.These tiny particles don’t involve chemical propellants and users may not feel or taste the particles.

Furthermore, there’re certain asthma medications that are available in both DPI and MDI shapes. Patients are free to conclude both in their treatment regime. However, one must speak with professionals to get an idea of a better alternative for the specific condition.

Lucky Pharma: A Leading Manufacturer of Dry Powder Inhalers

Given the Indian pharma industry is progressing exponentially, Lucky Pharma makes thoughtful strides to grab emerging opportunities in the segment. The company deals with a greater umbrella of pharma products such as tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups, liquids, rotacaps, keyhalers, inhalers, and other medical equipment

Since its inception in 2001, Lucky Pharma has undergone a whopping journey in this prestigious corridor. It knows the nitty-gritty of the domain and makes relevant efforts to meet the market demands efficiently. Developing quality-rich formulations is the ultimate goal of Lucky Pharma that is adhered to strictly.

Inhalers are a perfect way to provide medications to asthmapatients. Consequently, the demand for these devices has grown rapidly during the recent era.Asthma patients love to use it due to its simple-to-use approach and the technologies involved. Taking medicine through dry powder inhalers brings no side effects. In fact, it ensures patients get the full amount of drug that is intended for.

In terms of statistics, the market for inhalers is being multiplied remarkably, especially in nations like India and China. The global inhaler market is said to cross US$33,572 million by 2023. Similarly, the Indian inhaler market is also proposed to move ahead at a noticeable rate of 7.4%.

Inhalers Product Portfolio

Lucky Pharma owns a massive amalgamation of dry powder inhaler products. Let’s have a look at the following chart for a better idea:

Brand Name Category Composition
KEYHALER Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) device Dry Powder Inhaler Device
KEYHALER PLUS Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) device Dry Powder Inhaler Device (4ss Pin Type)


How is Lucky Pharma the Best Partner for Inhalers PCD Franchise Services?

Are you tired of finding the best inhaler PCD franchise company? Here’s the pacifying solution for you. Lucky Pharma is the top-class brand you can associate with for inhalers PCD franchise services. It is the leading distributor, supplier and exporter of inhaler devices; delivering products across the country.

Following are various highlighting specifications of Lucky Pharma that make it the dominating brand in the domain:

  • Lucky Pharma is an ISO-certified brand with GMP approvals.
  • It is also amongst the most experienced pharma player. Since its inauguration in 2001, the firm has gained the expertise to be familiar with every nook and corner of the field.
  • Further, the company adheres to the international quality standards in the manufacturing processes. It executes quality herbs, raw materials, and other API constitutes to form the best ever products.
  • The specialized team of industry experts ensures best practices are being applied to utilize resources in the best possible way.
  • Moreover, Lucky Pharma is capable of delivering dry powder inhalers in bulk. Business associates can order inhalers as per their needs and market demands.
  • Being a stringent follower of the Kaizen quality philosophy, Lucky Pharma keeps on monitoring quality parameters at every phase of development.
  • The organization provides promotional and marketing services to help new businesses find a concrete foundation.
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