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Antidepressant Tablet Franchise Company – Your presence on this page denotes your intentions. You are looking for the best antidepressant tablet franchise company in India to have a business deal with.This blog is to put the full-stop before your quest. Lucky Pharma comes to lead the pharma industry due to its noble approach and exceptional market dominance.

Ever-Growing Demand Graph for Antidepressant Drugs in India

The demand for antidepressant medicines has been grown exponentially during the last few years. There are plenty of reasons lying behind the current market scenario, especially in countries like India. However, it has been seen that a stressful lifestyle is one of the highlighting aspects behind depressions.

Today, the world has turned even more complicated and competitive. Fair living policies and ethical values have become the story of the past. People are now in more hurry to achieve their life goals briskly. The tremendously-evolved competition in each sector has worked as a fuel on the fire.

Collectively, all these assumptions have worsened the situations conversely that further causes the people in depression. Sometimes, this depression one-ups people in such a way that they decide to opt for extreme steps like suicide.

This is where antidepressant drugs come as a mighty savvier. These medicines are quite helpful in countering these drastic situations and lead people to live a stress-free and happy life.Hence, the demand graph for antidepressants tends to progress incredibly in the future as well.

Lucky Pharma: One of the Leading Antidepressant Tablet Manufacturers in India

Since its inception, Lucky Pharma has developed itself in the pharmaceuticals industry tremendously. Scads of parameters are responsible for making it one of the best and reputed medicine makers in India. Our expertise in the industry and transparent work philosophy stand vigorously to pose the success for us.

Further, Lucky Pharma understands the importance of health prospects in the country. Consequently, it strives to generate high-quality medicines without worrying about production costs. Quality-rich health services are always the top priority for the brand and it maintains it at the apex at all levels.

Looking for the Trustworthy Pharma Franchise Company for Antidepressant Tablets?

Apart from playing an award-winning role in medicine manufacturing, Lucky Pharma also provides PCD franchise services. It is one of the best and most trustworthy antidepressant tablet franchise companies in India. It specializes in a wide range of anti-depressant (neuropsychiatric) drugs. Our company is a certified ISO 9001:2008 firm.

Furthermore, Lucky Pharma offers the best marketing services through PCD pharma franchise and pharma franchise for anti-depressant drugs. Our franchise services are widely available throughout the nation. We assure you to provide with the best solutions.

What Positions Lucky Pharma at the Apex of the Domain?

As of today, Lucky Pharma enjoys the top spot in the medical corridor. It serves communities through a magnificent range of pharma services at affordable costs. Have a peek at some of our burning aspects:

Quality Services

Luck pharma maintains high standards of quality. The best quality and hygiene procedures are followed. The raw material and extracts used in making anti-depressant medicines are 100% pure.


Likewise, the packaging of each unit of antidepressant drugs is done using the latest packaging technologies like ALU, blister packaging etc. All the medicines are developed, processed and formulated under the professional guidance of pharma experts.

High-Tech Manufacturing Mechanism

Furthermore, Lucky Pharma stresses good care of manufacturing facilities. Quality processing units help attain superior medicine quality standards. We maintain all the standards to ensure patients get the maximum value against their money.

Genuine Certification

One of the crucial characteristics is that we are verified with GMP and WHO. Lucky Pharma strictly adheres to the WHO guidelines during medicine formulations.


Lucky Pharma promises its business clients to get best-of-the-industry prices.Products costs are kept at low without manipulating the quality aspects.The reason is that our processing units are set up in lush and green areas of excise-free zones.

Professional Approach

Lucky Pharma is a fully professional antidepressant tablet maker in India.It retains a good market value in terms of goodwill. It is among the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies when it comes to providing PCD franchise services.

It is all because of the skilled minds we have in the in-house family. From policy formulation to manufacturing to packaging, all the process is handled by skilled and experienced personnel.

Some of Our Popular Antidepressant Tablet Brands

Under the product portfolio, Lucky Pharma consists of the following antidepressant tablet brands:

Brand Name Composition
ETIM 0.5 TABLET Etizolam 0.5 mg.
ETIM PLUS TABLET Etizolam 0.5 mg. + Escitalopram 10 mg.
LONAZ PLUS TABLET Etizolam 0.5 mg. + Escitalopram 10 mg.
THOUGHT 200 TABLET Amisulpride 200 mg.
TRINE-10 TABLET Amitriptyline 10 mg.
TRINE-25 TABLET Amitriptyline 25 mg.

Contact Details for Antidepressant Tablet PCD Franchise

Company Name: Lucky Pharma

Address: Plot No. 82, 1st Floor, Jaora Compound, Near Police Lines, Indore – 452001, Madhya Pradesh, India

Contact: 08889909734, 08889909733, 09425063976


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